Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Life Update

  • Our life here is starting to come together quite nicely. We sign the lease to our 'new' house on Thursday, and we move in on Saturday! This will be our first house, and we are so excited we can't stop talking about it.
  • Speaking of moving, Aaron picked up some empty boxes yesterday, so I have to get busy packing. Do you know how hard it is to pack with a 1 year old around? She just wants to take everything back out! I'm currently fighting the urge to hire a babysitter for a few hours.
  • I'm working on a few new things for my shop & I can't wait to share them with you all....soon ;)
  • Sometimes thrifting can be fun, but today it was just down right disappointing. People need to realize that their 'old crap' shouldn't cost $5 less than buying new. Also, 'old & worn' does not always equal antique.
  • Last Thursday I had to make a trip to the E.R. with Adelei. She had a temperature all day, and even after Advil it didn't go down. I tried calling pediatrics all day, but was constantly put on hold & never got to talk to anyone. I hit my breaking point when she threw up & her temp. hit a high of 102.6. After 3 hours in the E.R. and 3 different meds, the temp was down, we made it home, & we had a peaceful night of sleep.
  • Saturday Adelei broke out with this horrible rash! It was from head to toe on every surface. I did some research & figured out that it wasn't anything to worry too much about, but BOY was it nasty looking. Finally talked to the Dr. about it & he confirmed it was just part of the virus & it would just have to run it's course. Talk about a few stressful days!
  • I think I've made the choice to let my hair grow out again. All of these cute hairstyles going around pinterest is making me miss my long hair!
What's going on with you guys this week?


Shirley said...

This is why I rarely do the yard sale or thrusting things. Umm...this "antique" spice rack still has the made in China 1997 sticker on it. Also I don't think I'm interested in your half empty bottle of Suave.

I hope Adelei is feeling better now.

And I'm growing my hair out too. But my bangs are in the really awkward stage of being too long to consider side swept and being barely too short to tuck behind my ear.

Matt said...

I will watch Adelei for you

The Sullivans said...

You are super busy! Definitely not a sit at home mom! :) Hope Adelei is feeling better! I'm glad to see you research and wait before rushing her to the doctor; my nephews get taken to the doctor for every single thing...and they're always sick!! I think they go to the doctor at least once a week! I miss my long hair too! I got it cut in Mar but the girl cut 7 inches off instead of 3 or 4! :( was so mad and sad so I've been taking 3,000 mcg of Biotin and it's grown so much! I think I'm going to keep the bangs tho!

Lin said...

Glad things are turning out well for you guys. Good luck with packing & moving :)