Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting the Run-Around

About a week after we moved here, there was a meeting for all the wives of the soldiers in my husband's unit. They filled us in on a lot of things, but what I was most interested in was childcare.
That night when I got home, I followed the instructions I had written down on how to pre-register Adelei for daycare on post. At the end, I got a message saying that I would be contacted soon to set up an appointment to come in to finish the registration. Awesome. Two weeks went by, and I still had not heard anything. Aaron told me just to wait another week because of all the families in processing, so I did. Towards the end of week 3 I still had not heard anything so I searched for a phone number....except I couldn't find one! All I found was an email address. Still, I put it to good use. I emailed them and told them what was going on, and asked that they please call me at their earliest convenience. Promptly the next morning [last Friday] I received a call from the CYS [child/youth services]. They set me up with an appointment for Monday. I asked the lady on the phone what I needed to bring with me, and she said baby's shot records & my military ID. Good to go.
Fast forward to today.
I get to the CYS office & after waiting a little while, get called back.
Literally in the middle of filling out the paperwork I have to stop because Adelei hasn't had a Hep A. vaccination. They wouldn't even let me finish registering her because of this. I can understand that she won't be able to be cared for by them until she gets it, but to have to completely halt...that was ridiculous. Not only that, but there were other items that I was supposed to bring that [thanks to the woman on the phone] I knew nothing about!
So I got my things & left. 
What frustrates me the most? Is that I've waited 3 weeks for this appointment, and now I have to wait again to get another one. Wish me luck!

And that, hopefully, is my only blog worthy rant of the week.


Matt said...

Sounds like the Troy situation all over again. Sheesh.

Why does it always seem like the desk people in charge of helping out are usually the ones that complicate things the most?

chambanachik said...

That's no fun. :(