Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving Again

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early.
Got ourselves & baby girl dress and ready, and made it to the realtor's office by 9 am.
We got a list of rentable properties in our price range, and they even gave us the keys so we could take our time & look at them on our own.
By 11:30, we had looked at 6 houses all over town & headed back to the office to give them the keys.
When we got there, they said they had one more house they wanted to show us. Someone had just put it up for rent a few minutes before we came back. We went to look at the house & we loved it, but it was too much. But then they offered to lower the rent. They lowered it to just slightly over our price range. It was within our reach! I didn't want to make a rash decision. I think that's what they wanted us to do. I needed to think some things through.
So we left.
We headed back home & spent the rest of Saturday night & ALL day Sunday talking about it.
We crunched numbers.
We weighed the pros and the cons. 
We tried to imagine our life in each house.
It was such a hard decision!
But at some point, I just knew. I felt at peace when Aaron asked me how I felt about one house, & I felt uneasy when he asked me about the other.
Both houses were beautiful & in nice neighborhoods, but the price of one would allow me to sleep better at night.
We put in our application this morning for the house we decided on, and found out around noon that we were approved! We move in in two weeks!
While I'm not excited about the moving process, I am excited about being in our first house!


Optimistic Liz said...


Smart Ass Sara said...

YAY! Although moving really sucks... especially in the heat. Hopefully you can get it done quickly and it'll be painless. ;)

Lin said...

I've already told you but what the heck...congratulations! (again) The moving process sucks big time but moving into a new house is always nice.

chambanachik said...

Moving isn't fun, but new places can be! Hope you love it and have a great time there, however long you'll stay. <3