Monday, June 27, 2011

So soon...

Only a few more days until I check into the hospital to be induced.
I'm so ready to hold my baby girl in my arms.

Be prepared,
this blog will never be the same.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

  1. Ruffles Molten Hot Wing Chips with Ranch Dip
  2. Air Conditioning
  3. Swamp People
  4. Late afternoon walks with my hubby
  5. Ice cold water
  6. Lunch/Dinner dates with friends
  7. Unicorns
  8. Rain
  9. The Challenge: Rivals
  10. The countdown -- 7 days!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No pain, no gain?

I had another check up yesterday, this time to see if I had dilated yet.
No one prepared me for this.
I realized it was a physical exam, and that alone had me a little freaked out.
I HATE papsmears, and I knew this exam wasn't going to be a walk in the park.
But no one told me how bad it was going to hurt.
I know I was cringing, I broke out into a sweat, and it took ALL I had not to start crying.
But I have made progress, which means that I will be able to be induced NEXT Thursday [if she doesn't come before then].
And poor Aaron...thinking he was making me feel better said 'Well, I'm sure that was nothing compared to pushing an 8 lb baby out.'
Thanks, hubby. That really makes me feel so much better.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just a waiting game

Today we put the finishing touches on the baby's room.
We have everything she needs [minus bottles].

Now all we need is a baby.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Check Up

This week, after an ultrasound and a check up, the Doctor decided that everything is normal and that I'm just going to have a big baby.
Obviously I was relieved because I had kind of worried about it for the past week. When they told me that she's already measuring 7 lbs 2 oz and that she will probably gain another pound or two before I have her, I may have freaked out. *sigh*
I can do this.
In more obviously exciting news...
I'm full term.
On my last post abt baby, a lot of you commented mentioning induction.
We are going to be induced.
Aaron is leaving July 4th for a whole month for military training.
Being that my due date is July 3rd, we don't want him to miss it. We've been talking to our Doctor about induction, and since I'm low risk and everything looks good, he said that it shouldn't be a problem. However, he won't be able to even tell us an induction date until 38 weeks, and that will depend on whether or not I have started dilating.
So my goal for the rest of this week?
Walking as far as I possibly can [without feeling like death] every afternoon. I can already tell that she's starting to drop, but I heard that this will help it along.
We are so ready!

P.S. Does anyone here watch Secret Life of the American Teenager? Because it's really starting to get depressing. I think I may not watch anymore for a while.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What now?

As a graduation/mother's day present, my husband bought me a nook. I had been wanting an e-reader for quite some time, but I was holding off. For months I did a lot of research comparing the different brands and asking for reviews from my friends who had them. I finally decided that the nook was right for me, so I hinted often to him that that was the one I wanted. I knew he got my hints, but I didn't think he would act on it so fast. But I am SO glad that he did.

I've only had my nook for a little over a month, but I have been reading so much more. I love that they offer a new free book every friday and that you can share books with other nook owners.

Here are the books I've read so far:

The Witches of Santa Anna [Books 1-10] - Lauren Barnholdt

This series is very much teen based. Although I don't think it's all that well written, it's still sort of intriguing. Very easy, short reads. BUT this chick needs to hire a new editor.

My Horizontal Life -Chelsea Handler

Seriously the funniest book I've ever read in my life. Sometimes I wondered how she got herself in those situations. If you are in desparate need of a good laugh, this is the book for you.

Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin

It took me a little while to actually get in to this book. I would read and reread the same chapter trying to remember what I had read because I kept setting it down. Once some action started happening, I couldn't put it down. I heard from several people that they stopped reading because of moral conflicts, but COME's a book. You watch this stuff on tv and in movies, just read the book [to each his own]. I'm not saying that I agree with what was happening all of the time, but it made for good entertainment. I love the way it ended, so sue me. What I can't decide though, is whether I should read Something Blue. I heard good and bad things about it, but when I found out that the main character is Darcy, it shut me off. I hated Darcy. I know people just like her and I can't stand them. Should I suck it up and read it anyway? I mean, it could still be pretty decent, right?

Currently reading:

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Any suggestions on what to read next?

If you have a nook and want to lend a book, let me know, I'm totally up for it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Birthing Classes Suck

Last night we went to our first child birth prep class.
I didn't really know what to expect, but I guess I was thinking it would be something like I've seen in the movies.
But apparently, I was wrong. It was a 3 hour class. I was expecting to learn breathing techniques, some kind of partner interaction [where they would tell the man what to do to make us feel better], and obviously a rundown of the whole process.
The first half was filled with nutritional information and videos. Don't get me wrong, it COULD have been helpful to some people, but in my opinion that should have been something they offered at the beginning of the pregnancy, not the end.
The second half was all about the the birthing process, the drugs, the procedures, the tools. And of course, a video. Now, I totally get that this whole thing is 'natural' and 'special' but I was in NO WAY prepared to watch someone else give birth vaginally up close and personal. So forgive me for almost throwing up. I know it's a part of life, but that doesn't mean I want to watch it happen.
Besides the class being pretty lame, there was one couple that was really annoying. The chick walked in wearing a belly shirt. I mean, I get that you're all cute with your bump, but COVER that thing up in public. She also kept stuffing her face with the free refreshments, and apparently didn't realize that talking with your mouth full is she kept doing that. Her significant other also kept interrupting the teacher when she was talking. Cool.
Next week is our newborn care class. I'm really hoping that they actually teach us something, or I'm going to be highly upset.

Any tips for the actual labor day?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

  1. Paula Deen
  2. Blue Raspberry Icees
  3. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
  4. Making Adelei's onesies not so boring
  5. Netflix Instant Streaming
  6. Monster - Paramore
  7. New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii
  8. Relaxing
  9. Swiffer Sweep & Vac
  10. Red Velvet Cupcakes with homemade Cream Cheese Icing ♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie Reviews

I didn't JUST want to see this movie because it has a lot of great actresses/comedians in it, but also because it was produced by Judd Apatow, and I'm pretty much in love with his stuff. My husband was pretty hesitant about wanting to go see it with me until I told him that Matt saw it and liked it. He decided to give it a chance.
His response after the movie
This movie was extremely funny to me, but has what my sister calls 'potty' humor. If you're not into movies like [Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, & The 40 Year Old Virgin], you probably won't like it. If you do like that sort of thing, go see it. Now. Don't wait for it to come on dvd.

Funny People
This movie came via Netflix. I actually forgot that it was even on our que until it came in the mail. I had heard mixed reviews about it, but was determined not to let that ruin it for me. This is probably the only Judd Apatow movie that I've seen that I didn't really like. I mean, it was okay. There were some really funny parts, but there were also parts where I found myself wondering HOW much longer the movie was going to last. It was kind of ridiculous, especially for how it ended. A little more than half way in, Aaron was laying on the couch playing games on his phone not even paying attention to the movie. I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone unless you have something else going on and just want some background noise. It's only good for a few laughs.

The Hangover Pt. 2
I was kind of hesitant about this at first. I had read things online that said it was a lot like the first one, and from the trailers, that seemed pretty accurate. I tried to put that out of my head, though, and went in with an open mind. The opening scene disappointed me. I was like 'Noooooooooooo! It's gonna be the same.' But shortly after, I started laughing...hard. And pretty much laughed the rest of the movie. I've heard people say that they didn't really care for it, or that the first one was better, but I really liked it. If you're hesitant, go to a matinee, if not, then go see it already!

X-men First Class
Let me just start by saying that until this movie, I had never seen any of the X-men movies. I never thought they'd be my cup of tea. However, my hubby asked me to see it with him and my argument of never having seen the others didn't work. So, I went. I wasn't expecting much, but knowing that James McAvoy was playing a lead role kept me pretty interested. Surprisingly, I ended up really enjoying it. Definitely the best action movie I've seen in quite some time. Now I just have to watch the other 3.

Movies I can't wait to see:
The Art of Getting By
Bad Teacher
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Horrible Bosses
Captain America

What movies have you seen lately? Any that you'd recommend?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Really People?

Sometimes I wish that people would think before they speak.
Or maybe what is annoying to some people just isn't annoying to other people.
But what is annoying to me?
That everyone AND their mama feels the need to ask me if I plan to get a job after the baby.
I'm sure they mean well [or maybe they're just being nosey?]
but I have a job. Granted it's not a salary job, at least I have income.

I don't think I should have to tell people that I've put my resume in to 3 school systems and even had an interview at one, but it seems like principals want to hire teachers with experience.
I don't think I should have to tell people that most schools, especially in Alabama, can't even afford an art program. I don't think people should tell me that 'maybe I should have gone to school to be an elementary generalist', because that's not what I wanted to do...obviously.

I don't think I'm a bad person because I want to stay home with my child, and with a part time job, I'll be able to pay my bills AND be with her most of the time.
I don't think it's anyone's business what kind of financial shape we are in, but I will say we're doing just fine!

So that's my rant for the day.
Think before you speak.
Don't try to give advice where it isn't wanted.
I'm so thankful that you all aren't like this, at least not with me. I get so tired of the busy bodies. People telling me what I should and shouldn't do, like I'm not old enough or smart enough to make my own decisions.
This is my safe haven, and I'm so lucky to have you all.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pregnancy Blues

I think I mentioned last week about how our air conditioner at work broke.
I was under the impression that it was going to be fixed the next time I worked, but it wasn't.
I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with floor fans around me and a mist-er in front of one fan to keep myself cool.
I left Wednesday afternoon looking like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [only red in the face instead of blue]
I mean look, this Alabama heat is NOT a joke.
[It's times like these where I wish that I had my own pool.]
Needless to say, I'm not going to be working again for a while.
My hands were so swollen, I had to soak them in ice cold water for 30 minutes to get my wedding ring off. [yes, I've been drinking water like nobody's business. it is not helping the cause.]
In other news, my doctor told me today that I am measuring 'too big' and wants me to have an ultrasound the next time I come in to make sure that everything is okay.
It 'could be' the heat. Or not.
That doesn't much give me peace of mind for the next week until I go back.

So what are you guys doing this weekend?