Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Birthing Classes Suck

Last night we went to our first child birth prep class.
I didn't really know what to expect, but I guess I was thinking it would be something like I've seen in the movies.
But apparently, I was wrong. It was a 3 hour class. I was expecting to learn breathing techniques, some kind of partner interaction [where they would tell the man what to do to make us feel better], and obviously a rundown of the whole process.
The first half was filled with nutritional information and videos. Don't get me wrong, it COULD have been helpful to some people, but in my opinion that should have been something they offered at the beginning of the pregnancy, not the end.
The second half was all about the the birthing process, the drugs, the procedures, the tools. And of course, a video. Now, I totally get that this whole thing is 'natural' and 'special' but I was in NO WAY prepared to watch someone else give birth vaginally up close and personal. So forgive me for almost throwing up. I know it's a part of life, but that doesn't mean I want to watch it happen.
Besides the class being pretty lame, there was one couple that was really annoying. The chick walked in wearing a belly shirt. I mean, I get that you're all cute with your bump, but COVER that thing up in public. She also kept stuffing her face with the free refreshments, and apparently didn't realize that talking with your mouth full is she kept doing that. Her significant other also kept interrupting the teacher when she was talking. Cool.
Next week is our newborn care class. I'm really hoping that they actually teach us something, or I'm going to be highly upset.

Any tips for the actual labor day?


aschmalz83 said...

The class sounds really disappointing and uninformative.

No kids for me = no advice.

I wish you all the luck in the world though and I hope the next class is better!

Shirley said...

Labor advice can be difficult. I had to be induced with both of my kids. Some women want to go into labor naturally. Decide what you want. I think that AWHONN recommendations put elective inductions at 39 weeks so unless you have a medical issue you probably won't be getting an induction before that.

If you want I can email you the general steps that will probably happen for an induction and if you go into labor on your own.

My biggest thing is that I see so many women come in and feel guilty about getting an epidural. Guess what nobody gets a trophy after having a baby without one. So if you are miserable and not opposed to epidurals I would get one.

Cassie said...

When you're labor, all of the breathing/relaxing techniques you learned go straight out the window anyway. I'm completely avoiding thinking about labor this time at all. They tell you what to do when you get in there.

chambanachik said...

Oh gosh!

My husband and I literally snickered our way through the entire class. I'm the kind of person who pays attention and sits quietly, and I was rolling. It was just so over the top. (Fake contractions, anyone?)

Anyhow, tips for the actual day? Know that it's okay to change your mind completely from whatever you have planned. And this may sound silly, but I wish I could have focused on this more: that at the end of all of it, no matter how long or how short- you'll have your baby in your arms.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Make sure everything is pre-packed. And don't worry. They'll take you through everything. Believe me they will ask you the same questions 47 times, by 15 different people. Other than that annoyance, everything is pretty much taken care of.

There's really no specific technique. You'll figure out how to breathe through the contractions. That's really all you can do. ;)

You'll do fine! I'm sure of it!!!

Smart Ass Sara said...

No, the newborn care part is even worse. I will tell you that when I took my first birthing class, I cried. I was absolutely terrified. But you know what? It goes SO FAST when you're in labor most of t goes out the window. Especially when I was induced. Plus the nurses are awesome and tell you everything. Ask questions if you don't know what's going on. Ask what you should expect. SPEAK UP if you ever have questions because that's the best. And then after you have your baby? Ask the nurses to show you how to do an infant bath. I got a lesson on bathing, easiest way to put clothes on, how to properly change a diaper, etc. I had never had any baby experience and they were great. :)