Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Check Up

This week, after an ultrasound and a check up, the Doctor decided that everything is normal and that I'm just going to have a big baby.
Obviously I was relieved because I had kind of worried about it for the past week. When they told me that she's already measuring 7 lbs 2 oz and that she will probably gain another pound or two before I have her, I may have freaked out. *sigh*
I can do this.
In more obviously exciting news...
I'm full term.
On my last post abt baby, a lot of you commented mentioning induction.
We are going to be induced.
Aaron is leaving July 4th for a whole month for military training.
Being that my due date is July 3rd, we don't want him to miss it. We've been talking to our Doctor about induction, and since I'm low risk and everything looks good, he said that it shouldn't be a problem. However, he won't be able to even tell us an induction date until 38 weeks, and that will depend on whether or not I have started dilating.
So my goal for the rest of this week?
Walking as far as I possibly can [without feeling like death] every afternoon. I can already tell that she's starting to drop, but I heard that this will help it along.
We are so ready!

P.S. Does anyone here watch Secret Life of the American Teenager? Because it's really starting to get depressing. I think I may not watch anymore for a while.


SpiritPhoenix said...

Having sex and eating spicy food helps induce labor as well.

Mr O said...

so you can say "drop" but I can't say "come out"?

Emma said...

What SpiritPhoenix said haha! I went into labour half hour after having sex!

Secret life.... I saw the finale episode last week.... I actually saw it the morning I had my scan. Not a good idea. SO so so sad.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Yay for being induced! Yes, walk as much as you possibly can, have sex (even though it won't be fun, you can let Aaron get some because it's going to be a WHILE.) And you know what? They told me that both of my kids were measuring big but no. It can go a pound in EITHER direction, and they were off by 2 pounds both times. :)

aschmalz83 said...

I hope things go well for you!

I quit watching Secret Life awhile ago. I've heard from others that it has been depressing lately though.