Thursday, May 24, 2012

While I'm Away. A Workout Playlist

& Now a word from my BFFF.

Quick intro for those who are asking “Who’s this guy?”: I fall into
the IRL category of Jamie’s friends, knowing her since before the two
of us could drive a car. Then a few years later we were carpool
buddies to school. A few (more) years after that and a piece of a
plastic rose now sits in my car - a token from when I stood as a
“Bridesman” at her wedding.

So while I try to hold back the tears (both to be strong and to not
get made fun of by her) from realizing she is moving to a spot where
she will no longer be a car ride away, I’m here to do my part in
contributing to her guest posts for the week.

When she asked me to be a guest blogger, I asked her what she had in
mind. Taking a cue from my music blog (ahem, Sight of Sound, ahem,
shameless plug), Jamie suggested I write about a playlist that could
be used when going on a run.

I’ve tried to get into running for the better part of a year and the
past few months I’ve been gaining some small victories in the overall
war. I truly believe it’s because of the right music I had going on at
the time. Since all of our music tastes are different, I wanted to
share what I feel are the right ingredients for a good running mix.

The Determination Tracks

I’m one of those people that wish life came with a soundtrack and
running is one of those moments. I know it sounds cheesy, but
somewhere in a playlist you should have songs that set a scene of
determination. These types of songs are usually longer in length and
include a buildup of sorts. Some examples: “Secret Crowds” by Angels
and Airwaves; “The Resistance” by Muse; “Sick Sad Little World” by

The Adrenaline Fuel

These are the kinds of songs people think of when they visualize a
running playlist. The ones with the fast and/or hard beat that stands
to pump the blood in your body along with the bass in your ears. This
is where hard rock or hip hop songs usually get the most play, but
what I’ve noticed is that your playlist shouldn’t be filled with these
songs. Instead, spread them out. There have been a couple times when I
start to slow down but “Fuel” by Metallica comes on and it gives me a
surge of energy.

The Singalong Songs

For the most part, running is a solo adventure. Even if you run with a
friend or two, you most likely have headphones in so you’re in your
own little world anyway - why not have some fun? Fill your playlist
with some of your favorite tracks to sing along to (think about which
ones you would totally give a concert performance to while in the
shower). This is why I have no problem putting “Nuthin but a G Thang”
or a No Doubt track on my playlist. It helps occasionally to get lost
in the world of a favorite song and not think too much about how out
of breath you are or how much your legs hurt.

Slow Jams

Much like everyone would assume to fill the playlist with the
adrenaline tracks, people automatically assume not to put on anything
slow but I disagree - it all depends on placement. Depending on how
long you are running, odds are you are going to slow down at some
point and there is no problem matching the music to your mood. But the
two points when slower tracks can come into play are during the
“warmup” and “cool down” periods. Here is when would be best to throw
on some lighter Black Keys or Kings of Leon tracks.

And those are the perfect ingredients to a good running playlist. I
hope if you try them out that the results are tasty.

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Holly Robertson said...

I really like this post! I have running playlists too. So does my husband because some of my music is on his ipod and enya always come on right when he doesn't want it too!