Monday, May 21, 2012

While I'm Away, How Pinteresting!

Sarah from Dandelions and Daffodils is going to share some of her favorite PINS :) That's a girl after my own heart!
Hello, blogging friends!! It's so nice to be here today! :-)

For weeks I had been hearing people talk about it and I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. All I knew was that it was surely another internet time-consumer and I WASN’T ABOUT TO BE PART OF IT. Between blogs, Facebook, email and various websites I didn’t have time for anything more.

Well. Here I am today, a member of Pinterest Addicts International. 

I love Pinterest. I have pins for baby clothes, pins for holidays, pins for Army life, pins of ideas for our future home, pins with quotes, pins with crafts to make with buttons, pins for children’s birthday parties, pins of cute dresses. When it comes to pin, I have a ’plenty. One of my favorite aspects of Pinterest are all the great craft ideas I’ve seen. I love making crafts and am always looking for new ideas. When I’ve been stuck in a certain area, all I’ve needed to do is look on Pinterest and just like that, ideas galore. Not all my Pinterest creations have come out picture-perfect, but I’ve loved most of them. Today I’d like to show you three that went from Pinterest to life. (Note: in the below collages, the original is on the left and mine is on the right.)

1) Owl stuffed animal
I found this adorable owl while looking for an easy sewing project for my sewing class. We handsewed the entire thing and the girls (ages 9) loved seeing the owl "hatch" before our eyes. This is a great project for those just beginning to sew.

2) Flower art
This project took two attemps. I gathered tons (and I do mean TONS) of paint chips from Lowes and Home Depot and spent about an hour cutting the shapes. The first time I used tacky glue and it did not work. The wetness of the glue caused the paper to warpe and some pieces even tore. The second time I used a glue gun and it worked so much better. Two big things I did differently than the directions were that I bought a black canvas instead of painting one, and I didn't Modge Podge it when I was done. I love how it came out! 

3) Paula Deen's Zesty Cheese Straws

I love food, especially food involving cheese so I was excited to make these. As with the previous pin, I tried this twice because it didn't come out right the first time. Both times the batter stuck to the pan and it was impossible for me to make it look like the picture. I was able to peel some off the pan after it was cooked, but not in a way that looked presentable. The taste was pretty good, but overall it was a flop. That being said, I should point out that I made it with rice flour instead of regular flour since I can't eat wheat. I imagine that would make some difference.

What pins have you tried! I'd love to know! You can find me on Pinterest here!

Thanks again to Jamie for letting me visit!! It's been fun! :-)

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