Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Move

I had this really long blog post written about all of the 'fun' stuff that happened to us along the way, but lucky for you folks, when I hit publish it disappeared.
Now, here I am, kind of in shock, and I honestly don't feel like giving another play by play, so here are the highlights:

*A got a flat tire somewhere in MS.
*While he was in the process of changing it, it started storming...bad.
*Add hail to the rain.
*Our car was packed to the brim, we were stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere & Adelei decides that is the perfect time to relieve herself. This resulted in me having to change her while she stood up in my lap. Awesome.
*Made it to the tire store only to find out they had 1 tire to fit his car, not 2.
*Got to our hotel at 10 instead of 5.
*A went to the Firestone close to our hotel to get another tire.
*He got lost & drove around for an hour trying to find our hotel. [aka wasted an hour of precious travel time!]
*Dallas/Ft.Worth is a beast! But I conquered it.
*The townhouse we reserved a month ago was nothing like what we were expecting. [aka another night in a hotel & search continued for a place to live.]


Matt said...

This seemed like a crazy part one, but I guess you are currently in part two?

Also, google docs. Get on that.

chambanachik said...

Oh no! Hope it got better after that!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I want you to know I laughed out hard and almost choked on my Snickers because this was hilarious. ;)

Laughing with you, buddy. Laughing with you.