Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Last Beach Trip

With less than a week left here, we decided to make a last minute trip to the beach. It's only an hour & a half away, and that's something that we won't be able to do in Oklahoma.
It was Adelei's first time. My rationale of 'she loves the pool, so she'll love the ocean' was insanely incorrect.
She hated it.
The water, the sand......all of it made her cry. hysterically.
I felt so defeated.
All of my expectations were crushed & I honestly just felt like a bad mom for even thinking that it was a good idea.
The only pic I got of her being calm.
After only spending 20 minutes on the beach, we left. Went to the local outdoor mall, found bathrooms to change in, and spent the rest of the day shopping, eating, and just enjoying ourselves.


Smart Ass Sara said...

I was a beach baby, but my kids also hated it too. Olivia was 4 and Jackson was 18 months, and yeah. Neither kid would go to the water. Total disappointment.

Trista Laborn said...

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