Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Bliss

Mother's Day has always been a bitter sweet day for me.
Until this year, I spent Mother's Day missing my mom, wishing she was here. 
Wishing I would have been able to get to know her. 
Wishing I could remember more about her.
And although I always celebrated with my Nanny, I still had that void.
Adelei has filled that for me. 
I wasn't sad. I still thought about my mom & still wished that she was here. 
But I didn't dwell on it. I didn't spend my day moping around. I enjoyed myself!
Our whole family went to church, and then went to Cracker Barrel afterward. 
It was so nice just being together with the ones that I love. 
Aaron got me the perfect gift!
A sewing basket & a DIY purse kit.
He even let me take a nap!
We spent the rest of the day with family, and then headed home.
And the perfect ending to a perfect day, I rocked my sweet baby to sleep :) 
Hope y'all had a great Mother's Day, too!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I think you are in a unique spot having lost your mom at such a young age. You're able to look at Adelei and appreciate all of your time with her because you know what it's like to not have your mom with you. But you have your Nanny and that's awesome too. :)

Lin said...

Look at you, what a fabulous Mother's Day you had. Glad you had fun :)

Shirley said...

Happy Mother's day Jamie!