Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday (Party) Girl

When I found out that we would be moving a lot sooner than we had originally thought, one of the things that bothered me was that we wouldn't be with our friends and family for Adelei's first birthday.
But when I realized that Aaron's Graduation and Mother's Day were scheduled for the same weekend, I thought I could just have a very early birthday party for her.
Yep, that's right. We had Adelei's first birthday party at 10 1/2 months.
 Her theme was cupcakes, and it was so, so cute!
My sister made her a custom onesie, tutu, and birthday banner, and my aunt helped me make the decorations!
Our menu included pimento cheese/chicken salad/pb&j sandwiches, french onion dip & chips, & Nanny's 'famous' rotel dip! Cupcake flavors included strawberry & funfetti w/ chocolate buttercream icing, and chocolate with pink [vanilla] buttercream icing.
We made all of the food/cupcakes ourselves to cut down on costs.
Oh, and who could forget about the punch?

Also something we threw together, but turned out amazing!
So many people came out to spend this special time with us! I couldn't have asked for a better turn out!

And although Adelei isn't quite 1 yet, she sure did enjoy smashing her cake!

 [I used cool whip instead of icing to avoid too much of a sugar rush!]

Adelei & her cousins

I'm so glad that I decided to have her party before we left. Everything worked itself out perfectly!


Sarah said...

What a smart idea! The birthday girl looks like she had fun! :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

Not going to lie, I had to double check my birthday calendar when I saw this on Facebook. :) But I love that picture with Matt and Frisco!

chambanachik said...

That is so cool you did that! :) Very cute party, too.