Monday, August 17, 2009

Why does being in charge have to be so difficult?

Seriously. My school can be so retarded, at times.

Who do you go to for the answers to your questions in education? How about the people in charge of the program. So, what do you do when the PEOPLE IN CHARGE don't know?

Ya. I feel completely lost here.

Tell me how it makes sense that an education major has to wait until a year before expected internship to take the praxis, yet, applications for internship are due a year before expected internship, yet, you can't be accepted to internship until you have a passing score on the praxis??

OR, how when I got in to TEP [Teacher Education Program] I was told that I only have to obtain 150 observation hours before internship [that is a lot!!] yet this year, MY SENIOR YEAR, they are raising the amount of hours needed to be earned, and saying I may or may not have to abide by the new 'rules'. [But no one can tell me for sure.]

And, how does it make sense, that when I actually go to sign up for said observation hours, the secretary makes me leave her office because 'she has an important phone call to make' and when I go back to turn in my form, she has locked the door?

Thanks, People. You are really leaving a bad taste in my mouth!


Rachel said...

Wow, that sounds like some....well, it comes from a bull.

I hate how this tends to happen, it's like no 2 people in the entire University are on the same page. One of my friends just recently threw in the towel because her 1.5 year alternative masters degree has turned into a 3-4 year debacle. My catalog expires in 2010 and I won't graduate until 2011 so *hopefully* I won't get any little curriculum surprises.

Good Luck and hang in there!

Jeanette said...

Schools are dumb some time... go in and tell them you're paying and you want answers!

Jessy said...

i seriously think all universities must be this way.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Oh Jamie, that sounds absolutely awful and hair-pullingly frustrating. If it helps, universities seem to be like that on my side of the world, too. I really hope stuff gets sorted out for you soon, my dear, and that you don't have a heart attack from stress in the meantime! I agree with Jeanette – tell 'em you're paying and you demand a straight answer!

Jennifer said...

At my college any programs or classes we entered by what the catalog for our freshman year stated. Any changes (requirements) didn't help/hurt us.

Schools can be so frustrating most of the time! I def. had my run of bad luck especially my senior year. That's perfect time for everything to go wrong, right?