Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My 100th post!

And I couldn't think of anything clever to do. Sorry guys!!

But I do have a lot on my mind, so try to keep up ;)

I think I've decided to do a 'daily doodle' now that I have my new drawing pad for my computer. Or, maybe I'll just add a doodle to my blogs, since I don't post every single day. I guess I'll give it a shot and see how it goes!

I got an email yesterday from my adviser, telling me that I needed to enroll in this certain class THIS semester or else I won't be able to graduate on time. Did I mention that we start classes TOMORROW?! I was freaking out thinking that I wouldn't be able to get in this late. But, I got it. Now I'm just stressing about the fact that I will be taking 18 hours this semester. Ohhh well.

Good news, though!! Mommy of Many Faces gave me the 'One Lovely Blog' award! Thank you so much!

Now, It's my turn to hand it out to a few of you!

All you have to do is save the picture and add it to your blog, then give the award to 15 of your favorite bloggers. Be sure to comment on their posts to let them know they have an award!

I'm picking:

The girl [even though I know she has taken a break, she still deserves it]
For the love of Pictures
Miss Peregrin


Have I mentioned how busy we have been lately? Or the fact that we currently only have one car, and have a million places to go [or so it seems]. Or the fact that school starts tomorrow. TOMORROW? Did I seriously just say that? It seems so unreal. *sigh* The weekend can't come soon enough. And I seriously hope we can buy a car asap! [Please keep your fingers crossed!]

We did take a little time for ourselves last night, just to relax. I made fried rice, egg rolls, and orange chicken. Okay, I cheated and bought the egg rolls, but still, I made the rest, and it was seriously delicious. If anyone wants the recipe, just let me know and I will post it [and the brownie recipe that I keep forgetting to post, sorry!]. Definitely AS good as take out and a heck of a lot cheaper. After dinner we watched Fast & Furious. It became my favorite one of the four. I am going to recommend it to you all. Let me know what you think ;)

Well, I am off to spend a little bit of time with my man before another busy, busy day. Hope you all are having a fantastic week!


Mr O said...

*this was a cool update, though no special "theme" for 100, but this was better anyways. Congrats on that.

*I'm glad your busy with your man and not sitting around bored anymore. I hope he likes his room : )

*Whoa, the story about the class is crazy. Good thing you got it though. But hopefully 18 hours does not equal me not seeing you at all this semester

*And I definitely vote for a doodle. Maybe don't lock your self into something by doing it every day, but like that can be your wordless wednesdays thing. Cuz I def like the one you put up today (not sure if that is yours or not, but it still looks cool)

for the love of pictures said...

I can't believe that your advisor e-mailed you only two days before class when that is a major requirement. Crazy!

Congrats on the award (you so deserve it) and thanks for awarding it to me :)

Congrats also on your 100th post! I look forward to your next hundred, and beyond. I know they'll be just as wonderful :)

Organic Meatbag said...

Hey, happy 100th post, Jamie!! Awesome achievement!

Emma Hughes said...

Happy 100th post and thanks for the award!! :)