Friday, August 7, 2009

Go ahead and sell me more

Yesterday was such a good birthday, I wasn't ready for it to end!

I went to work, where my boss threw me a party. It was sweet, and filled with cards, pizza, and cake. I obviously didn't get much accomplished, but oh well :)
That night, some of my friends took me out to dinner. TGI Friday's is the best. I had the gourmet mac-n-five cheese, and it was amazing. I also had some kind of berry margarita, which was also amazing. I would have pictures to show you all, but apparently our waitress couldn't figure out how to use my camera.

Today was my last day of work [well, atleast for a while], and I didn't feel sad at all. I was just excited to get off so that I could go shopping with a friend.

And because I love sharing my bargains with you all..............
This is what I got:

6 shirts, and two pairs of jeans, all for just..........

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn


If I were you, I would run to the nearest Wet Seal/JC Penny/Kohl's first thing in the morning.

Yep, this weekend is tax free weekend in Alabama. Not only were there sales galore, but minus tax, too, and I really did good.

Not to mention that Aaron said he was going to take me shopping tomorrow.

Speaking of which......TOMORROW!
Finally, our wait is over. Aaron is finally going to be home for GOOD. least until next summer. How amazing is that?!

So get ready for some possible mushy gushy posts in the near future! HA!

Before I go I just want to thank you all again for all the birthday wishes! Ya'll are too kind :)


Jeanette said...

Wow! Good deals! Have fun shopping again tomorrow.

for the love of pictures said...

Great deals and really nice shirts. I'm actually going to Kohl's tomorrow :)

Miss Peregrin said...

Wow, that's heaps of stuff for $67! Good work!

Jessy said...

happy belated birthday!
We don't have tax-free days here in California, but I'm still going shopping tomorrow - Kohl's and JCPenny's is on my list! I want to get the great deals you got :)

Courtney said...

So cute!! The price is the best part. I would never have thought you went to JCPennys or Kohls for these things. So savvy!