Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is all the buzz about?

I'm terribly sorry for being too busy yesterday to be able to post the winner of the print!

So, here it is..........

The winner is Amber!
Just send me an email @
and let me know what address you want the print [Forget me not, right?] sent to.

Ohhh man. This weekend has gone by way too quick. Friday my bridesmaids and I went shopping for their dresses. Surprisingly, it took us less than an hour.

Later on that night, my friends Danny and Emily came to Troy to hang out. We all went to Mikata's. It's amazing, in case you didn't know. Went to pick up some drinks, and then headed home to play rock band.

Everything was fine until Danny decided we needed to play some drinking game. It was pretty fun, but it lead to Danny and Aaron getting trashed, while Emily and I were barely buzzed. The rest of the night [or should I say morning] was really interesting.

Danny managed to pull all kinds of crazy antics, including knocking on my neighbor's door at 2 in the morning, calling an ex girlfriend and yelling at her voicemail, and crying for all kinds of nonsense reasons.

He tried to leave several times, but we kept convincing him to come back in, until we finally got tired of chasing him [around 5:30 in the morning] and let him go.

I will never let anyone get that drunk again on my watch.

Anyways, most of Saturday was spent sleeping, until Aaron and I finally decided to get up and go buy a new computer. It's super nice, but it has taken over my computer desk, which I'm not proud of. Aaron is hogging it, which means my good ol' laptop and I are stuck in random places all over the house, and it is very hard to do the work I need to do without my desk. *sigh*

I am hoping this week just flies by. Friday we are leaving to spend some quality time with my sister in Georgia, and next Monday we have the photo session for our Engagement pictures.

Hope you all have a great week!!


Cassie said...

I love Aaron's big cheesy grin LOL

Mr O said...

so i guess I don't need the story anymore...

and i'm also guessing that is Tiffany?

Man, i feel like I am only connecting in your life through blogging. But I will have a bigger role in December :)

Jessy said...

ohhhh cute dresses! :) You must be getting so excited now that the date is so close!

Anonymous said...

what? I won!?

Awesome. Email is on the way.


Cute dress too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your week!!!

Katie Walters said...

Thats your bridemaid's dresses?!
I LOVE IT!!!!!
I thought I was all being original and planning a patterned bridesmaid dress theme, but looks like you beat me to the punch!
(not that Im getting married anytime soon lol)
Good syle, ma'am!