Sunday, May 31, 2009

To twitter, or not to twitter?

That is the question.

Being so adamant about staying away from trends and then caving in is the story of my life. Current trend I may become a victim of: Twitter.
So, people of the blogging world, what is your opinion.
Should I join twitter, or stay away?
Help me please :)

Anyways, 4 days until the Paramore/No Doubt concert; 16 days until the Taking Back Sunday concert. I am freakishly excited. And who better to go with than my bff Jill Matt?
While I'm counting down, I'll go ahead and say that I only have 25 days until I'll be in Oklahoma watching Aaron graduate from Basic. :)

Hope you guys have a great week!


for the love of pictures said...

I've been asking myself the same question. It seems that one-by-one, my friends have been signing up but I'm still not sure it's for me.

Cassie said...

I've met a lot of new bloggy buddies through twitter. Plus you can say things on there that might be too short for a blog post LOL

Mr O said...

We had it for two weeks. And we are not going back. Don't do it. Posting statuses on facebook is the closest I will get. That's all you need man. Just my two cents...

and i'm glad you are gettin excited cuz you know I am always worried about that. Don't forget to go to and do your homework

Kern said...

Twitter gave my computer an atd, no really, as soon as I signed up I got a bad virus that was a pain to get rid of. Twitter admits to not having the best security measures (literally all I did was sign up!), so if you join, be careful!

Jessy said...

Twitter is addicting. Only sign up if you want to spend every waking moment updating your status and stalking other people ;).