Monday, May 4, 2009

Business Time

It's official, I've finished this semester of school.
Today was extremely long, and I was super cranky.
I decided to get off my frustrations in the form of letters.
If you don't want to hear complaints, close your browser now.

Dear Elementary Generalist [currently enrolled in ART3361],
Please take a second to get over yourselves. I am not a 3rd grader, therefore I am not going to act like one. I'm sorry you took offense to the fact that I gained no knowledge by tracing my hand, and then coloring it, but we're all adults here. Stop wearing your feelings on your shoulders. Also, we've graduated from high school [at least I hope so?], so stop running and tattling to the teacher every time someone says something that you don't like.

Dear Government,
Please pay my boyfriend so I can pay his bills for him. I would like to NOT get kicked out of the apartment, lose his insurance, and get his phone cut off simply because you said you pay the 15th and 30th of every month, but don't hold true to that statement.

Dear Teachers,
Please realize that I busted my butt in all of my classes. And because I worked so hard, realize that I deserve all A's. Also, for those of you who decided that a 5 hour 'hands on' final was a good should be punished. Seriously, it was torture, and I hope to God that I never have to experience that again.

Dear University Cops,
Thank you so much for not towing my car even though I was parked in a no parking zone without a university sticker on my car for 5 hours.



Cassie said...

I concur. You definitely deserve all A's :)

Mr O said...

Dear Jak,

I hope now that you are done with finals and stuff you can answer your phone and reply to messages.


Matty Matt Matt