Monday, May 25, 2009


This week's FMM is....

How did you and your significant other meet? and if you don't have a significant other at the moment then what would be your dream way to meet him?

Circa 2005

Aaron and I went to the same high school. We always had, but he was a grade below me, and we didn't have mutual friends, so we didn't really 'know' each other. My senior year (2005), I started hanging out Camron. One day, we decided to go to a soccer game with some other friends, but Camron didn't have a ride, so I took him. When the game was over, he said he was hungry, said he wanted to stop by McDonald's to eat & see his friend. So, we got there and his friend (Aaron) went on his break & came to talk to us. I'm such a shy person, I'd never actually met him before, I just sat there listening to them talk. After Camron finished eating, we left. I took Camron home and then went home myself. I didn't really put much thought into anything that had happened that night. The next day Camron told me that Aaron was asking about me. He thought Camron and I were there on a date [FAT CHANCE!], but Camron confirmed that we were JUST friends, so he gave Aaron the 'go ahead' to talk to me. He gave him my email address, and he emailed me a little later. It was cute. He said I was the cutest girl he'd ever seen and he really wanted to get to know me. Remember how I said I'm super shy? Because of that, we only talked on the phone and through emails, and a little bit at school, for about a month. We didn't even hang out for the longest time. He finally asked me on a date, so we went to the movies to see Kicking and Screaming. He was so sweet to me. We went on a few more dates before he actually asked me out. We officially started dating May 28, 2005.
Like every other couple, we've had our problems. But we've made it through all of the rain.
He proposed April 12th, 2009. [The happiest day of my life, so far.]
And hopefully we will be getting married June 3rd, 2011.


Bluebelle said...

That is such a lovely story, thanks for sharing!

My husband and I met on my fourth night at uni, at a CU barbeque. He was a second year postgrad and we got to know each other through church and going on a trip to Brazil. We got together while we were in Brazil at the end of my first year. We dated for a year, got engaged, and then got married last August.

Being married is brilliant, you'll love it!

Erica said...

Congrats on your engagement. What a cute story and great picture by the way.

Jessy said...

awww that's a cute story!
I don't have a significant other, and am not really "looking," but it's fun to think that I could meet "him" while in Sweden. haha.

Mr O said...

you and camron more than friends??? HA!

but I remember the whole timeline. Besides the mcdonalds thing, I bet I could tell the story better than you. But that's only because I'm a better storyteller

Cassie said...

You guys are so cute :)

I tagged you. Come check it out.