Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Explain to me.......

I've come to the conclusion that I am not signing up with Twitter. Sorry guys!

Also, could someone please explain this to me?:
All day yesterday I called and called to set up an appointment for my yearly girl check-up. No answers. All day? I was getting so frustrated.
So, I tried again first thing this morning (they open at 8). Still nothing.
Around 9am, I called again. Finally, I got the 'operator'. As I said before, I was frustrated, So I said (in a very nice tone, mind you) 'I've been trying to call for the past couple of days.' AND SHE YELLED AT ME! She said, 'Well first of all, we weren't open over the weekend, and yesterday was a Holiday.' I looked up at the calendar, and really? I didn't know yesterday was a holiday. I asked her what holiday it was. 'Ma'am I can't remember, but we were closed.'

SERIOUSLY? What am I missing!? Yesterday was a holiday?


Bluebelle said...

Oh no, how rude! And if she just had a day off for a holiday how could she not know what holiday it was?! Crazy!

Jessy said...

hahaha that's funny. I don't think there were any holiday's yesterday?
And it's a good thing you didn't sign up on twitter. It's seriously addicting.

Mr O said...

when I read the title of your blog I want to follow it with "this conspiracy against me"