Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally Free

I know I said I wasn't going to update until I got home, but I was afraid I might forget! So, I'll update now while I'm sitting at the hotel IN FT. SILL with nothing to do :)

Yesterday's drive pretty much sucked. We were supposed to leave Ozark at 9 am, but because of constant communication between my MIL and the rental car company, we didn't leave until 12 pm. We were also supposed to be renting a Dodge Charger, and 30 minutes before we were to go pick it up, they inform us that there aren't any chargers at the rental stations in southern Alabama. Thanks, guys!

After filling up the gas tank, and stopping for a quick trip to WalMart, we finally headed out. I was the GPS [ha] for the trip. My BIL sat in the back asleep for the majority of the ride, and I had to stay awake, watching road signs.

Around 8:30 we pulled into a Shreveport, LA hotel for the night. It was not good sleep, but it was decent sleep, and had the crappiest continental breakfast ever! [What? No Donuts?!] MIL asks me if I have ever taken ecstacy. Seriously, have you ever met me? Hugs, not Drugs. & then she asks me if x is illegal. HA. Not quite sure where that came from, but moving on....

First of all, I would like to say, that I DO NOT get how you guys that live in big cities do the whole traffic thing. I commend you.

Got back on the road around 8:30 am. and immediately, got lost. NOT because of me, thank God. BIL was driving. Did I mention he's 17? Yea. It was quite possibly one of the scariest experiences of my life. But I prayed almost the entire time, and we made it through. MIL started driving again, and then BIL's scary experience was forgotten. Her's was way worse today. At this point, we were coming up on Dallas/Ft. Worth. I hope someone reading this knows what I'm talking about and how terrible it was. I get extremely stressed out in high traffic areas. We miss an exit, and instead of listening to me, and turning around, we continue going [the opposite direction] for about 20 minutes, until 'Oh, I think we are on the wrong road'. HA. We finally get back on the right track, and MIL is going 72 in a 60. We get pulled over, but the officer is nice enough to realize that we obviously have no clue what we are doing, so he points us in the right direction and off we go. No ticket. Thanks guy! 3 hours later we arrived in Ft. Sill. In a crappy hotel, that wasn't cheap. Oh welllllllllll. Now I'm sitting here on pins and needles, waiting for the time to come that I FINALLY get to see my bear. [9 am TOMORROW! ha]


Cassie said...

I want to go to Shreveport, LA. They have werewolves and vampires there according to my True Blood books ;) haha.

Have fun tomorrow!

Mr O said...

i love your acronyms, but at first I thought you left out the F for your mother in law and i was like WHAT!!!!

I don't know how you did it man, if it was you and me you would have abused me in 5 seconds

Bluebelle said...

Sounds pretty awful! I can't believe your MIL asked you about drugs...!