Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So, where did I leave off....?

Oh yea, I was refraining myself from complaining.

On to the rest of the trip!

Thursday morning started bright 'n early for me at 6 am! I needed plenty of time to get beautiful for Aaron. Around 8 am I realized that I didn't put on sunscreen before I put my make up on, and I started freaking out. Lucky me, though. Instead of just being stuck in the sun for 3 hours, they were nice enough to put the seats under these mesh tent things! I didn't get sun burnt :) Aaron was a part of this skit 'What your soldier looked like on the first day of basic'. It was pretty hilarious.

There were a few other skits, a few speeches from the drill sergeants, and a presentation to one of the soldier's little brother, who was there on behalf of the make a wish foundation.

Then we had to wait while the soldiers changed into their class B uniforms, and had to watch the drill sergeants pick on them.

Those are BCG's [birth control glasses, HA!]

Then the fun began! Yep, a whole 8 hours with Aaron....[& his family].

He was able to change into his civilian glasses, yay! We went to the local mall, which was just as small as the mall I'm used to going to.

For dinner, we went to Outback for Aaron's first GOOD meal in 3 months. ANNNND before we knew it...it was time for us to take him back to base.

Friday was Aaron's graduation. I cannot express how proud I am of him. The graduation went by so fast, please excuse the blur!

After graduation, Aaron had to immediately report back to base to begin out-processing from basic, and in-processing to AIT. I was sad, because I didn't think I'd get to see him again before we left...but I was wrong :) Around 5 pm He called saying that his AIT instructors gave his platoon a weekend pass. AKA HE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE BASE UNTIL SUNDAY NIGHT! YA! We picked him up asap, went to dinner, and then settled in for the night. Originally, we were supposed to leave to come back to Alabama early Saturday morning. We decided to stay an extra day!

We went to see Transformers 2, which was good, but verrrry long. Ate at a not so good chinese buffet, and then headed back to the hotel to swim.

Sunday morning came too soon. I hated saying good bye to my bear, but I did it; without tears.

Also said good bye to Oklahoma.

It was a beautiful place.

And now all I have left to look forward to is moving into the new apartment [July 31st] & Aaron's homecoming [August 9th]. Starting now I am welcoming change and adventures.


Mr O said...

adventures: july beach trip

and we were just talking about you moving today. And how it's going to suck going down those stairs.

Glad you had a good time

Cassie said...

Well it sounds like you had fun! I love those glasses! haha. Poor guy. I can't believe you managed to leave him without crying about it. I burst into tears when I got into the van leaving Chicago. The cab driver was like, "it's okay honey, you can cry, I see this all the time" LOL

Bluebelle said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Ooh, 9th August is my first wedding anniversary - it's obviously a romantic day!

The Sullivans said...

Glad you had fun on your trip :)