Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Official...

Aaron and I finally set a date!!

We are going to get married on Decemeber 3rd.

Yes, that is on a Thursday, but we are just going to the courthouse.
We want a bigger wedding, but we are going to wait until we both graduate to have a formal ceremony.

Why Dec. 3rd? Because we want to stick with our anniversary. So, please keep your fingers crossed and hope that nothing comes up for us to have to change the date.


Cassie said...

WHAT?!? Dec. 3rd of this year?? Um, maybe you should call me sometime, I need to know these things!

____j said...

I was going to call you but I didn't think you were still awake...We just decided tonight. Sorry.

Mr O said...

Nothing will come up. I will punch anything in the face that tries to come up.