Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's gone...

I dropped Aaron off at his recruiter's office this morning at 9 am. And as sad as it was, it hasn't really set in yet. I was proud of myself for not breaking down in tears before I drove away. He doesn't need to see that. I've kept it together for 5 hours now, and I'm just wondering WHEN is all hell going to break loose? I've never been alone for more than one night before, and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.

Have any of you experienced this before? How did you get through?


Cassie said...

My best advice is just to stay as busy as possible. It will hit you when it's time for the day to slow down, time to go to bed. You'll be fine though.

~Leah~ said...

I have been in your shoes (since both of our guys are in the Army), and I won't lie or sugarcoat things for you - it's going to be hard. But, I will tell you this - it does get better (in a sense) over time. You get accustomed to the idea, and start to develop a routine. And it is important to stay busy. Dive into your hobbies, maybe start something new. When I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport back in September when he left for his deployment, it just felt sooo unreal. We actually cried in the airport, hugging each other, a few minutes before he had to go. And when I got back to my car, I cried. Everything felt so surreal and I felt as if time would drag, and this would never end. But fortunately, time has flown by, and I'm so happy to say we only have 5 months left in this dang deployment! At first, it's going to be hard, and may seem like this crap of being away from each other won't end. But it does. Try to stay positive, not only for yourself, but for him. I'm not saying don't fake it - haha trust me, I've cried plenty of times over the phone with my guy. I've broken down (& he has too, but shh), but that's life. We're not the perfect couple, and I'm not the perfect Army girlfriend, and that's ok. What really matters is being there for each other, and supporting him, and loving each other. And a good laugh goes a long way; just remembering inside jokes, and things y'all have done together is a huge help. It'll bring a smile to both of your faces, and help you realize that it's not that bad (and even if it is, it soothes the pain for a bit). It may not sink in for awhile; I can't remember exactly when it did for me. Honestly, probably not until the 2nd month he was gone. At first, it just felt like he was on a long trip, but would come back soon. I'm just so glad he's coming back soon(ish). :)
I hope this advice helped you. I don't know if you know any other military girlfriends/fiancees/wives, but if you do, I would talk to them. The one thing that kind of sucked for me (not trying to throw a pity party) was I didn't know anyone else in the same situation as me. I don't know any other military girlfriends, and I don't live near his base (45 min. away). So, needless to say, I don't have that support system. It's not vital (I've survived without a support group), but it could definitely help.
Sorry for the super long comment. I guess I had a lot to say. :)
Hang in there.