Monday, April 27, 2009

Totally Disgusted Out

I decided to reward myself for staying so on track, instead of being a total slacker, so I went to Dairy Queen to try their new Mignight Truffle Blizzard that I keep seeing on t.v. All I can say is, DON'T waste your time or money. It was pretty much disgusting. The first few bites were pretty good, although it didn't look anything like it does in the commercial, but after that, I felt like I was going to throw up. There was more truffle than there was ice cream, and that much chocolate at one time can't be good for you. Not to mention it's dark chocolate, which I'm not a HUGE fan of. Anyways, that's just my two cents worth.
When I came home from running errands earlier, I decided to chill out and watch a little bit of t.v. I came across some show about little girls in pageants, and I was totally appalled.
Do these girls look 5-7? Because they are...
No wonder so many girls grow up with confidence issues. These parents are pushing their kids at young ages to be JUDGED. Five and six year olds getting spray tans and wearing more make up than I [as a 21 year old woman] ever have in my entire life. Oh, and did I mention fake teeth? Yea. What kind of screwed up world are we living in? I can understand letting your child be in a pageant if it's what the kid wants, but even then, I can't see going to the extent that these people go to in order for their kid to be 'beautiful'.
If you want to read more about it, go here.
I'm currently taking a break from writing a final paper, and I'm watching Tale of Despereaux. So far, so good.


Christy said...

They frigten me and make me want to run away.

Mr O said...


Jasmine said...

i'm kind of addicted to this show because it's such an absolute train wreck.

Cassie said...

Those little girls freak me the hell out.