Wednesday, September 16, 2009

With all your cheap words, who are you kidding?

I have a few dilemmas that I would like your opinion about.
[Since you all were so helpful with the Twitter decision!]

Recently, there have been quite a few things I wanted to blog about, but refrained because [I am in no way an anonymous blogger] I am kind of worried people I know [that I don't want to read these specific thoughts] would find my blog one way or another.

I mean, this is a legitimate concern, right?

So, should I:
a. continue refraining from blogging about super personal things.
b. start a separate blog JUST for super personal posts [things I need to get off my chest] and make it a more private setting, where people can follow me, but they have to have permission from me.
c. continue my personal posts on this blog, just use code names.

My next dilemma comes by way of Myspace.
I used to be ADDICTED to myspace. It was actually kind of ridiculous how much time I spent on there. For the past few months, I've sort of switched to Facebook. I'm not AS addicted to facebook as I was to myspace, but I am beginning to like it more.
I have been trying to decide if I want to delete my myspace now.
The only time I ever get on there is if I get an email saying I have a new notification. Almost all of my friends on myspace also have facebook. I can't really see a valid reason to keep it. I used to blog on there, but obviously I stopped when I started this blog. So, what do you think? Should I keep it, just for the sake of having one? Or should I just get rid of it and stick with facebook?

Okay, I realize that these two 'dilemmas' may seem completely ridiculous to older more mature people, and I am sorry if I seem like a complete child right now. I am slowly, but surely, growing up.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Anonymous said...

I deleted myspace and went to Facebook. I like Facebook a lot better although I never used to and most of my friends are on facebook rather than myspace.

Anonymous said...

DUMP the myspace......LOL
and your other away with code names or get a new private blog if you TRULY feel that you may offend people that are NOT intended to read your blog....

Jessy said...

I would say keep your myspace just in case... it's not like it would hurt to keep it. And maybe use code names for people in real life that you know? If you really think that it is likely they will come across your blog then maybe make the personal posts private / password protected (can you do that on blogger I wonder?).

Cassie said...

Get rid of myspace. Everyone is on FB now anyway LOL.

There are other sites you can submit to anonymously if you want to get it off your chest. One place is another is a new place...

If you post it on here and use code names or something, just make sure that whatever you say is not something that you would truly be upset about if someone else found!

Lisa Anne said...

I say just write everything on this on this blog and use code names. I think keeping multiple blogs is not only hard on the writer but the followers too. I vote keep it all in one place. I'm not a myspace of facebook fan. I like blogging better, you can totally make a blog "more you"

Mr O said...

1) Personally, I would say eff it and post whatever you want to and just use code names. If people are going out of their way to find you, they should be able to talk to you. Personally, I would hate it if you got a new blog, I would feel like "they won" so to speak. Just my opinion.

2) I would keep the myspace. I have had to ask the same question myself, cuz I hardly ever get on there either. The only thing useful is I get band updates. But I would say keep it because even if you don't check it, there is really no reason to delete it. Just have it their just in case. But maybe put something on your profile like "check me out on facebook"

Emma Hughes said...

I heart facebook so much!

I dont know what you should do about the personal posts thing though... ive been kind of thinking the same thing (because were trying for a baby!! and i dont want all my family to know until we get pregnant! hahahaha... i dont mind tht the whole internet knows though.) I also would want to keep it a secret until 12 weeks, but that would mean I couldnt post about any of the 12 weeks!...

dilemmas. ssssh, dont repeat what i said above. its a secret :P

Miss Peregrin said...

I agree, and say keep blogging here using code names. You shouldn't have to be hiding how you feel about these things. :)

Bluebelle said...

I don't know about the first one - I am anonymous on my blog but some real life friends did find me and now my family reads too which does inhibit me sometimes but not too much.

My husband just deleted his Facebook account. He's fine with it, but he isn't at all into the social networking thing!