Monday, September 21, 2009

All about...ME!

I saw this MeMe via Lisa Anne's blog, and thought it seemed like fun, so today you will find out...

Five television shows I am totally looking forward to this season...

  1. Gossip Girl [even though I already missed the first episode]
  2. Nip/Tuck [Oct 14th! Whaaat?!]
  3. The Ruins [yes, I love reality trash tv. Sue me.]
  4. The Office
  5. Drop Dead Dive & Army Wives [although their seasons are almost over...I love love love them, and had to combine them because I will only watch one after the other...never one without the other.]
...and so many more random shows that I only catch occasionally, or that are too embarrassing to let everyone know I watch *cough*myantonio*cough*


Bluebelle said...

We don't have a TV but I am so excited because we pre-ordered Season 5 of Lost on DVD. It comes in a month!

Anonymous said...

nip/tuck!!! i can't wait!!!

Lisa Anne said...

So happy you joined in and thanks for the blog love.

I've been curious in the office, I just don't know when it's on. I think I've seen and episode of Army Wives and liked it. Someone was opening a bar or resturant? When is that one on and what channel.

I hate missing out on good shows, I'm such a TV Junky!!

Mr O said...


Melissa said...

I missed Nip/Tuck alot last season....especially because I thought it was getting a bit "over the top"... but I think I will start watching again, as i think this will be the last season; plus, who could miss those super hot Dr.'s Troy/Mcnamara!!

Shell said...

Gossip Girl is great fun! And Army Wives' seasons always seem way too short for me.

Nikki said...

ooooo gossip girl looks good! I watched it a few times, good drama! I love the office too, yaye for pam!! :)

Poolside with the Girls said...

Just popped in from Poolside to say hey.

Love the Office!

Have a great week!

Baby Sweetness said...

Love The Office! And good call on Drop Dead Diva. So what is the ruins...?

____j said...

-Melissa: You should definitely try to rent the dvd of the last season of Nip/Tuck if you can OR wait until they start showing the reruns on tv. A lot of stuff was totally ridiculous/unrealistic, but it was crazy good.

-Baby Sweetness: The Ruins is a show on MTV where they bring back members from all different seasons of The Real World and Road Rules & make them compete for money. It is pretty much ridiculous, but packed full of unnecessary drama, & I love it!

SupahMommy said...

OH.. COUGH COUGH.. that was hilarious. :)

My 32 year old sis LOVES that . :)

I just want to be on one .. a reality show that is.. just for one day.

for one stinkin day... is that TOO much to ask world???

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