Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another big bang and you're down on the floor

I've noticed lately that quite a few of my blogger friends have kind of fallen off the radar, and I won't lie, it makes me a little sad.

But, I do realize that most people have a lot of stuff going on in their lives right now, so I am trying to over look it. It has forced me to go out and look for new people to read, so that is a good thing, right?

Anyways, I have so many things I could say at this point, but they are all complaints. Which is why I haven't blogged in a few days; because every time I feel like I want to blog lately, it is to complain, and I know you all get tired of reading about other people's shady situations, so moving on....

Today was just stressful, we'll leave it at that.
And, one of my favorite ways to release said stress is to cook!

So, I got my pizza dough recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and went to town [figuratively].

We wanted something other than your average tomato sauce, pepperoni, cheese pizza.
We came up with the combination of alfredo sauce, shrimp, and spinach pizza topped with mozzarella cheese.

Wa-La :)
It was so delicious!

Now, we are waiting for our tummies to settle so we can go get some ice cream!


Kelley said...

mmm that sounds soo good! alfredo sauce and spinach! :)

Jeanette said...

Not a big alfredo fan but that looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

I <3 alfredo pizza! That looks delicious! Now if only I could cook worth a crap.

Bluebelle said...

Oooh, we're making pizza for dinner tonight too!

Bri said...

This looks sooo incredibly yummy!