Sunday, September 20, 2009

No, there is no Odyssey. There's no Penelope.

Aaron got a job at the local movie theater!
This is good for two reasons.
1] A steady income never hurt anyone,
2] Someone said something about free movie showings...what?! ya!

It's days like today that I am really missing teacup. *sigh*
Here's my Sunday [not-so] secret, just to keep the tradition alive for one more week at least.

In other boring news, I spent four hours at the school today [ridiculous, I know] trying to catch up.

Did I mention that I got my outfit for our engagement photos? It's super cute. Now I just need someone to come dye my hair.

Hope you all have a great week!


Mr O said...

*I wish I was cool enough to know what your title was referring to

*i am way jealous of the fact that you are now connected to somehow getting free movie tickets

*you have made miss the girl even more

*i will dye your hair. That could be one of our activities on Saturday ;)

Bluebelle said...

Free movies? - nice!

Oooh, I love the idea of engagement photos. They're not really a big thing over here so we never had any, but I think they're cute.

Lisa Anne said...

Free MOVIES you are so lucky. Hey a jobs a job and a jobs evern better when you get a discount or something free. There are so many movies I want to see but jsut can't justify paying ot see them. I'm so jealous.

____j said...

-Matt: My title is just lyrics from an Envy on the Coast song. & there is no way I would let you dye my hair. Sorry! ha.

-Bluebelle: I think the idea of engagement pictures are cute too. Although, my deciding factor in having them done was the fact that I won a contest, and get 100$ worth of free pictures.

-Lisa Anne: We aren't 100% sure about the free movies. I mean, obviously he'll get to see them for free, but We heard that they can have a guest for premieres, so I really hope so. I will let you all know how it goes!

Cassie said...

I was driving through Ft. Rucker today and some guys were training I guess. They were in the back of a truck, in their uniforms, POINTING GUNS AT THE ONCOMING CARS. It freaked me the hell out man.