Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Journey

A couple of months ago, I wrote about finding out that I have [had?] high cholesterol. Since then, I've been on this mission to get healthy. Even before then, I had been losing weight, but had hit a plateau.
This is my journey.
A few weeks ago, I posted my one and only progress picture on Instagram. I was nervous, and a little embarrassed, but I did it. And I'm so glad I did! I got so much motivation from my friends, it was slightly overwhelming.
Left: 6/18/2012 The day I decided to stop hating the way I looked & felt. I had to take a picture because I knew at some point I'd need a reminder of where I came from & where I'm never going to be again. Right: 8/13/2013 14 months of hard work, changing my eating habits, a few relapses. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how far I've come & excited for where I'm going.

The best part, though? When one of my dear friends messaged me to tell me that I have inspired her. During my journey I have hit a lot of 'relapses'. From trying to go completely soda free, to drinking a 32 ounce every day for a week. From trying to go sugar free, to stopping by McDonalds every day to get chocolate chip cookies. One step forward, 500 calories back. I've had my high points and my low points, but I wouldn't have gotten where I am without having other people to help me [whether they know they're helping or not]. Over the past 14 months, I have scoured the internet. I spent numerous hours on pinterest finding health and fitness blogs, new/healthy recipes. I did a lot of research on calorie counting. I've tried various workouts, I've even bought a few things to help me along the way. My blog, for now at least, will be turned over to my health and fitness journey. I will be posting healthy recipes, no matter how simple or complex. I will be posting pictures, reviewing products, & sharing tips and tricks that keep me going. For all of the motivation I've been given, I want to give back. If I can help inspire or motivate even one person, I will be happy.


Melissa said...

What an inspiration. And how amazing you look! I'm proud of you. It's hard being a mom and a wife while taking care of them, the house, etc...and put time in for you. You did it.

I'm looking forward to your recipes. I need to lose 40 lbs and my weight lost journey is still in the beginning stages. Thanks for the boost my friend.

Katie said...

This is awesome! You look great. I recommend that you water mark that picture though. Weight Loss companies like to steal before and afters for their products :/ A good way to do that is :)

Ashley said...

You look amazing! :) Looking forward to the healthy reviews, recipes, etc! xoxo

Smart Ass Sara said...

You are amazing, you look amazing, and you're just the bees knees. :) xo

chambanachik said...

You look fabulous! Just trying to lose 10 lbs of baby weight, so I really admire you!