Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Easy Toddler Chores

I know what you're thinking. "Really?" Yes, really. My 2 year old does "chores", and let me tell you why.
Growing up, the only time I had to do "chores" was on the weekend. I'd have to make my bed and dust in the living room. Occasionally I'd have to vacuum. It wasn't until I was 20 years old and moving into an apartment that I learned how to wash my own clothes. Yes, I was very spoiled. At the time of course, I thought I was living the life! Most of my friends had daily chores, or spent all of Saturday morning cleaning, but not me. It wasn't until I had my own family that I realized that it was actually detrimental that I didn't do chores as a child. It's so much harder to get into a routine when you're not USED to doing it.
So I decided I was going to start Adelei out young. She might not do much now, but at least she'll grow up with a routine and hopefully she'll be better at this whole thing than I am.

The best part about chores with Adelei is she's still young enough to think it's fun [usually].
Here are some things that she does around the house:

-Makes her bed 
Right now it's more like she throws her blanket, animals, and pillow on there, but we'll work on neatness later.

-Helps me put clothes in the dryer
This? May be the most fun thing for her. It's kind of like throwing a ball through a hoop. How can that not be fun? Especially when I cheer her on.

-Picks up her toys
Our living room isn't very big, so when she has all of her toys scattered throughout, it can be a little annoying. Several times in the day I have her pick up the toys she's not using and put them away. Then, before bedtime I help her put them all away. I noticed that productivity increases when she has help.

-Cleans up her messes
If she spills some milk, she cleans it up. If she tears the paper off of a crayon, she cleans it up. You get the idea. 

What chores do your children do?


Missus Elle said...

Evelyn helps me put away the dishes.. the girl has been wanting to help me with chores for so long! I finally just let her help with the dishes..but I make sure to grab the knives first. She just needs to learn the difference between dirty and clean ;)
But she also cleans up her play areas and will also help me load clothes into the washer and dryer. She likes to help shake out the clothes too when I am folding them :)

Ashley said...

I love this! I, like you, didn't do much growing up and was spoiled. This was very detrimental to being a domestic wife! My husband taught me to wash clothes after we got married...and it's the military way of washing....everything together! I still don't have a routine and can't seem to find a balance of house and work! Maybe when I have kids or spend more time at home this will be easy? I doubt it.