Friday, August 31, 2012

Nan visits Oklahoma

Two weeks ago today, I received a phone call from my Nanny saying that she and my aunt were on their way to come visit me! 
After 3 long months, they were finally able to come see us. That was the longest I've ever been without seeing her, and I was definitely ready to give her a big hug!
While they were here, they helped me finish unpacking the last few boxes I had & put everything in it's place. They helped me get my patio whipped back into shape & helped me organize the garage.
We did some fun stuff, too.
We spent a lot of time just talking on the patio, reading/playing with Adelei, and watching movies.
I took them with me on a thrifting adventure one day, & we made our way to Oklahoma City for a trip to the Zoo & outlet shopping.
Their 10 days here went by all too fast! Before I knew it, Wednesday was here & we were saying our goodbyes see ya laters.

The rest of Wednesday was a little morose, but just knowing I'll get to see them again at Christmas time is getting me back to my old self again.


Kelley @ said...

awww... looks like fun!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I feel like having family around you constant is awesome, but easy to take for granted. When I get to visit my grandma/grandpa and my uncles in Florida (every few years) I love my time with them even more and the memories are more special.. if that makes sense? :)