Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's New?

When I started making charms, I found myself very inspired.
I started out with just a few simple charm ideas, and they have exploded!
I usually get tired of my 'hobbies' fast, but I'm still very motivated with these.
I'm constantly brainstorming for new ideas, trying to figure out things that will appeal to my customer base.
Here are a few charms I've done recently:

As I said before, I'm always looking for new ideas. If you have something in mind that I don't currently offer, please feel free to email me & I would be glad to try to make it for you!


chambanachik said...

Love them!

Mrs. Nix said...

Loving the top one. :)

Lin said...

I'm so glad you havent gotten bored of this yet because I'm loving your charms. I wore the one you made for me to my cousins rehearsal dinner last weekend & I got SO many compliments. May have to buy the girls a couple as a gift this christmas...hope you're in the mood to design ;)

Nikkiana said...

Those are so cute!

Jane said...

I love these! They are so cute. I love stamping. Although, your stamp font is way cuter than mine. I want to go get a new set now! Love!