Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Green Monster

Have I ever mentioned my dislike for eating breakfast?
It's not that I don't like breakfast food, I just don't like making breakfast for just me. 
And quite honestly, I don't usually 'feel' like eating until noon-ish.
Since I'm trying to lose weight, I'm trying to make sure I eat [or drink] something first thing in the morning to get my metabolism going.
Hello, smoothies!
I find it a lot easier for me to drink a smoothie than to eat a bowl of cereal.

While on pinterest a few days ago, I saw a recipe for a green monster smoothie.
I had never heard of it before, but just reading the benefits of it, I decided to try it.
Being a spinach lover, I wasn't skeptical at all and I'm so glad!
Although I use 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, I can't taste it at all [hint, hint spinach haters!]

1 sliced frozen banana
1 tbsp peanut butter
 1/4 cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
2 % Milk*
2 handfuls of spinach

Tip: I never buy frozen fruit at the store. I always buy fresh , wash/prepare it myself, & separate by serving size into freezer bags. It takes maybe 5 minutes of my time, & I get way more bang for my buck that way.
 Start out with the frozen bananas, add the peanut butter.
 Next, add your yogurt & milk
 Should be about half full before you add the spinach

 I add 1 handful of spinach & then blend for 30 seconds. Once it is smooth, I remove the cap, add more spinach & milk, and blend for another 30 seconds.

The finished product! This is such a rich, creamy smoothie. It's packed full of healthy goodness, but you wouldn't know it by tasting tastes like a treat! I'm definitely looking forward to experimenting with different variations soon.

*Note: I didn't put a measurement for milk. The main reason for this is because you don't want a really watery  smoothie, you want it creamy. I just add a little bit of milk at a time until it gets to the consistency I like & I would suggest that to you as well.


chambanachik said...

This is a really good idea! I hate breakfast too (and like you, not the food, just never hungry) and have skipped it for the last decade minus during pregnancy. But I would love drinking a smoothie in the morning! Where did you get a tiny blender like that?

Shirley said...

I love, love green smoothies! The kids love their "Hulk smoothies" too!

Optimistic Liz said...

YUMMMM!!! hey I am going to OK :) let me know if you want to meet up!

The Sullivans said...

This sounds amazing minus the spinach; however, I'm going to have to try it! Do you cut up your banana before you freeze it? And how long do you freeze it for?

Katie said...

I've been thinking about doing something like this. I always skip breakfast! Thanks for the ideas!