Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting it done

This move has really inspired me to do more things.
It just feels like a fresh start, and since we'll live so far away from friends & family, I'll need to keep busy.
So here are a few goals that I set for myself to complete by the end of the year.
[Hopefully by posting them on here, I'll hold myself accountable.]

-Lose 10lbs
-Make at least 2 garments for myself that I will actually wear!
-Make a quiet book for Adelei
-Start couponing more seriously
-Try 1 new recipe per week
-Blog daily [not including weekends]
-Create my own button/header, etc...revamp blog
-Create Adelei's 1st year scrapbook
-Create & maintain bill/budget notebook
-Exercise daily
-Start taking vitamins
-Establish a health/beauty routine & stick with it
-Freezer paper tshirts?!


Smart Ass Sara said...

Well the vitamin thing is easy- just go back onto your prenatals. Seriously, until you're menopausing the doctor keeps telling me that's the best multi vitamin a girl could be on. And then, your couponing and recipe thing could be hand in hand. I plan my meals out for the week and make sure I pick one new one and the coupon accordingly. :)

Lin said...

These are some fantastic goals! And best of all, they're very realistic.

Good luck with all of them sweets.