Tuesday, April 17, 2012

9 Months...

Can I tell you a little bit about my 9 month old?
She's smiling now more than ever.
Her favorite word is 'hey' and she likes to say it to everyone that passes her by.
She gets so excited when she sees the dogs, all she can do is scream & wave her arms.
She splashes the water in the bath on command.
She is pulling up and standing with support.
She would rather feed herself [fingerfoods!] than have Mommy feed her *tear*.
She dances.
Her face lights up when I read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
She has such a big, bright personality.
My heart is just overflowing with joy.


Smart Ass Sara said...

My kids only ate table foods (and formula) by 10 months. It was kind of great in a way. :)

Do you have any Sandra Boynton books? If not, let me know and I am on it. Those are our FAVS.

chambanachik said...

What a cutie pie. :)

melissa hernan said...

That first picture cracks me up! Olivia sleeps with her face smashed up against the bumper and as much as we reposition her in her sleep she always ends up right back there. She just loves to sleep all snuggled up.