Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on Life

Warning: This post is going to be all over the place.

Aaron made it to Kentucky safe and sound. He called me last night to let me know he had finished in-processing, and then gave me some bad news.
You see, when he found out that he was going to Air Assault school, they sent him a list of things he needed to bring. I helped him get all of his stuff together, and we even made a special trip to the closest base to get the supplies he didn't already have. ANYWAY....what they didn't tell the guys is that they needed BRAND NEW uniforms/gloves/camelbak/wet weather gear. Everyone just brought what they had. So Aaron, as well as all the other guys that brought 'old' stuff, had to go buy alllllllllllll new stuff.

UMMM....seriously?? So there goes at least half of his paycheck, just on 'new' stuff, when I know GOOD and WELL that the stuff he had was more than sufficient.

Moving on.....Thank you guys for thinking of me! I got the job and I start on Monday. The lamest part I can think of right now..........I always have to have my hair in a ponytail AND I have to wear a visor. L.A.M.E. Oh well, at least I have a job now.

And last but not least....
Kami's new house came in the mail today. For so long we were opposed to buying her a kennel.
Until this happened.
Yep. We were gone for 30 minutes last week and she chewed through the bathroom door.
That was just the icing on the cake. We dropped a lot of money on her 'house', but she was just acting too crazy when we left. BTW we found out it's because she has separation anxiety, which she is now taking all natural tablets every day to help with that.

So, I'm leaving now to go spend time with my grandmother and aunt. Hope you all have a great Mother's Day weekend!!


Smart Ass Sara said...

RIP Bathroom Door. :(

Yay for getting the job! Girl- rock that viser like it's your bitch. Work it at work. I had to wear a tie at Culvers, which to this day I still can't tie a tie. I had to have a 15 year old boy tie my tie every day. It's a miracle I can even tie my shoes. Seriously.

That is totally douchetastic that you had to buy all new. What the hell? Oy. Big sads for you on that. I flip out that I'm buying hubs new jeans every month because he refuses to wear an apron at work. So this week? Idiot is going to work with holes in his pants. This isn't a fucking GAP store, yo.

Jeanette said...

Congrats on that job! And you'll totally rock the ponytail/visor combo!

Mr O said...

wow Kami showed out haha

and you know I am going to have to make a special trip all the way to Troy just to see you in your working environment

Bluebelle said...

Great news about the job!

That's totally wasteful and lame that you had to buy new stuff though, what's the point? Surely it'll just get messed up anyway?

MG said...

Get used to having to buy new gear all the time! I swear, every class and deployment there are always a million things to buy!

I remember when C went to Air Assault school....if your tennis shoes were not in a certain condition, they kicked you out of the class.Most of the time they've overbooked the classes and are just looking for a way to cut some people.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Yay on the job! Congratulations!!