Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just one more reason why I'm amazing.

I've been trying to come up with this post in my head for days.
You see, I started my new job on Monday. Today was day three, and to be quite honest, I am probably the best thing that hit little caesar's since the hot-n-ready.
Just sayin'.
It took me only a few minutes to understand the register, and while I'm still learning all the combos & prices, I think I'm doing way better than the average bear.

At my old job, I was used to dealing with military men and women. Now, I'm dealing with the general public. It's a TOTALLY different ball game. As if the stories I had before weren't enough, I can tell [just by day 3] that I'm going to have some pretty good ones.

I'll just start by telling you people a few things I've learned..

  • don't send your kids in, who can't read and/or can't count money to order YOUR food.
  • if you speak softly, be courteous and speak a little louder when you order...OR don't get pissed off at the cashier when she can't understand what you said.
  • also, enunciate. in case you don't know, that means to speak clearly and pronounce words the correct way.
  • if your credit card gets declined while trying to buy a $5 pizza, you don't need to go dig in your car for change, you need to go to the grocery store and buy some ramen.
  • wearing a see through tank top with a hot pink bra and white pants with no underwear in public is NOT okay.


Lin said...

haha...sounds like you get to meet some interesting people.

Mr O said...

wow. Maybe I won't come see you at work. Hate to see what you would say about me when I walked out

Jeanette said...

Sounds like some interesting clientele hahaha I'm a big fan of Little Ceaser's deep dish.

Smart Ass Sara said...

ok so...if I wear the white pants with the hot pink matching underwear that's ok, right?? ;)

Working fast food fucking rocks. I say if a guy gets his credit card declined for a $5 pizza he best be finding a fucking job. Dang.

Leah said...

just think of all the stories you'll have accumulated when you become a Little Caesar's alum. They'll bring you many smiles for years to come. haha :)

Jenn(ifer) said...

Oh the joys of working with the public! Good luck! really. :-)