Sunday, May 30, 2010

Take a good look at your face

We're back from our fun filled emotionally exhausting weekend with A's family. I need time to relax before I decide whether or not to post about it.

What I will do tonight though, is review a few movies.

Why Did I Get Married?
I absolutely LOVE Tyler Perry movies. They're always funny and endearing. This one...was very annoying. I kept getting bored, and the boredom caused me to fall asleep. I didn't even have the motivation to re-watch the parts that I missed, and I definitely don't plan on seeing the second one.

Away We Go
I'm not really sure why it took us so long to see this, because Aaron and I both love John Krasinski [Jim from the Office]. Anyway, it finally came in the mail via Netflix. I wasn't expecting much from it because I hadn't heard ANY reviews of it. It ended up being really funny/awkward/sweet. Definitely worth watching.

Iron Man 2
As if Robert Downey Jr. & Scarlett Johansson aren't reason enough to go see this movie, go for the action. Seriously. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time. Despite my extreme hatred for Mickey Rourke, I still recommend this to any/everyone. Just make sure you watch the first one, too.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
If you have read/enjoyed the book, you will probably NOT like this movie. I expected this movie to basically be reenactments of the scenarios in the book. To me, it seemed completely different. I did read the book over two years ago, so I may be forgetting some things, but the only scene from the movie that was actually IN the book, was at the end of the movie. COMPLETELY ridiculous. In fact, I'm considering re-reading the book just to make sure I'm not totally wrong.


Mr O said...

I have been slacking on my movie blog, but I would have put that Away We Go was really surprisingly great. Makes me think I can take John Krasinski serious. I really wanted him to be Captain America... (it was a rumor)

Leah said...

congrats! you won the giveaway! head on over & check out the post

Smart Ass Sara said...

THANK YOU for thinking "Why Did I Get Married" sucked. My friend claims it's her favorite movie and that makes me sad for her and her life. Lame ass.

"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" had it's funny moments but again, I was disappointed. I thought it'd bring more of the book into it and it didn't and yeah. Suckage. BUT I still loved the book and I recommend it because it's so disgustingly fantastic.

John Krasinski is so fucking adorable. I can barely stand it. :) I've heard of Away We Go but haven't seen it...will need to change that.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oooh I've been wanting to watch Away We Go! Thanks for the reminder!