Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's just say...

I am over working in the food service industry.

Anyways, Aaron and I are leaving bright and early in the morning to drive 5 hours north to Huntsville.
His brother is graduating high school and we are meeting his dad's new girlfriend....and if everything works out, we will be hanging out with our long lost friend.

Hope you guys have a happy Memorial day weekend! Don't forget to thank a soldier!


Jeanette said...

Happy Memorial Day!! Have a safe trip.

Lisa Anne said...

Have a fun safe trip!!!

Smart Ass Sara said... can you be over it? It's fabulous. :) LOL!!!

Have a safe trip and have a fantastic Memorial Day. I'm off to Hayward, WI to meet a bloggie friend so if you never hear from me again, assume I've been kidnapped. ;)

Jenn(ifer) said...

Have a great trip, enjoy your weekend with Aaron!

Happy Memorial Day to you both :-)