Sunday, January 31, 2010

The sun won't always shine but tomorrow will find a way

My BFF IRL, Matt, gave me this award:
Wasn't that sweeeeeeet?

So, the rules are to tell you all SEVEN things about me.
I'll try not to tell you things you may already know.

Here we go:

  1. I just applied one of those cleansing face masks [because I'm a girl and I like to pamper myself], but it is so tight and plastic like...I feel like the carver from nip/tuck. I may never do this again.
  2. The reason I don't like cereal is because once upon a time, my sister won a year supply from general mills. And Nanny made us eat it it was gone.
  3. I stayed in my pajamas ALL day yesterday and did absolutely nothing. & it felt amazing.
  4. When I was a freshman in college, I used to wish & pray that I could take a semester off, to figure things out, and make my creative dreams come true. Now that it's actually about to happen, I DON'T WANT it to. I just want to finish my BA and get out of here.
  5. The only regret I have [since the summer of 2007] is when I got my hair cut two weeks ago. I am pretty much traumatized, and don't plan on going through this again for a very, VERY long time.
  6. Anytime I get down, I go back and read my OLDDDD livejournal entries and laugh [and sometimes cry] because I was so emotional/depressed/immature back then.
  7. Sometimes I wish that I would have created this whole blog totally anonymously. But I am very thankful for all the friends I have met all the while being myself.
Okay, who do I think
is a beautiful blogger?

Leah @ The Leah Project

So, go check her out and let her know that you think she is a beautiful blogger, too!


for the love of pictures said...

Congrats on the award! I love cereal, but I can't even imagine having to eat it every single day. Wow!

Cassie said...

Did I really win a year's supply of cereal? I don't remember that LOL

Tracie said...

I might even hate chocolate if I was forced to eat it every single day. (Probably not. LOL)

____j said...

Cassie - HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER IT?! Even Nanny remembers it...

Leah said...

thanks for the award!! i did the 7 things on my blog.

& yay for taking semesters off! ...kind of. not really. i definitely can understand the frustration. i've taken a lot of time off, & skipped around schools, but now i'm just ready to graduate! thankfully, i'll be going back in april. i'm ready to work my butt off and finish.