Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't want no paper gangster

As embarrassed as I am to say this....
I'm kind of obsessed with Lady Gaga.

I made Aaron download The Fame Monster for me
and I've been listening to it--
while walking to school
while doing my homework
while singing in the shower
while driving......
it's getting pretty ridiculous.

I knew it was getting bad when Matt called and I purposely didn't answer until my favorite part [yes, she's my ringtone, too] went off.

As if that's not enough...apparently Aaron has been listening, too.
Because the other night, while we were out to dinner with his mother, he started singing humming one of her songs.
When I looked at him with SHOCK on my face, he said, "What? I think Lady Gaga is my favorite pop singer."
I could have died.right.then.


Anonymous said...

I ♥ Lady Gaga!!!

Cassie said...

Jason is obsessed too. Like BIG TIME.

Leah said...

ahh that top picture kind of creeps me out. haha

Tracie said...

I lurve her.

Mr O said...

She's so weird, but like a car crash... you just can't look away.

And her songs get stuck in your head. It's like you have no choice against it...