Saturday, January 16, 2010

Someone stop this song

This week was probably one of the crappiest weeks we've ever had.
It seemed like anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

So, to end this week of bad luck, we decided to treat ourselves to mexican.
We pigged out on chips and salsa, and drank a whole pitcher of margaritas.
And we didn't even think twice.

Aaron also surprised me with Appetite for Life, Julia Child's Biography, AND Mastering the Art of French Cooking, the cook book that the Julie & Julia movie was based on.

How sweet is that?!

And I bought us both Taking Back Sunday hoodies....

This weekend will consist of me renting movies while Aaron works, making bowls for ceramics class, and trying a few new recipes.

Have a great weekend!


Mr O said...

i want those hoodies. I think I'm gonna make that happen

Jeanette said...

I almost bought the tshirt that was the same design as the blue hoodie when I went to the concert.

Also I hope that title is a reference to the Paramore song, because now it's stuck in my head.

Also thanks for the card and candy... I'm eating the M&M's right now.

Emma Hughes said...

Cute hoodies :)

Let me know how you get on with cooking from the book!! i wonder if its difficult!?

Leah said...

ooo he got you Mastering the Art of French Cooking! that's awesome. I saw the price at Borders & it was around $40. that's one expensive cookbook! I want to get it eventually. I'm not a cook by any means, but ever since seeing (read as 'obsessing') "Julie & Julia", I've been inspired to try to cook. Have you seen the movie yet? & the Julie & Julia book is good too. I'm reading it right now.