Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To press the button, or not to press the button, that is the question.

Sunday night, Aaron and I watched The Proposal. Although it was some-what predictable, I thought it was really cute, and of course I loved it.

Last night, we rented Year One. I had heard pretty good things about it, and from the previews it looked pretty funny, but..........we didn't make it past the first 30 minutes. We kept looking at each other trying to decide if we liked it. I might have laughed once, and it honestly didn't seem to be going in a good direction, so we just turned it off. Just...don't waste your money.

Tonight we went to see The Box. I am not going to lie. I am still a little bit confused. It was very weird, but if you like weird, you'll probably like this movie. It just seemed to progress very slow. I kept thinking to myself 'hurry up, get to the good part' and then it was over.

Movies I am looking forward to seeing within the next few months:
The Ugly Truth
The Blind Side
Dear John [yes, the Nicholas Sparks book!]

Hope you guys have a good Veterans day. Enjoy the break!


Jeanette said...

I thought Year One was funnier than the Ugly Truth, but let me know what you think... my friend and I almost left the Ugly Truth and I love Mr. Butler. I laughed more at the convo I had on the phone with my mom before the movie haha.

Cassie said...

I want to rent UP too. We watched GI Joe (loved it) and I love you Beth Cooper (hated it) last night. I'll have to tell Jason y'all said Year One was so bad. He really wants to see it but I dont want to sit through it!

Mr O said...

i've heard terrible things about Year One so it doesn't surprise that you turned it off.

I also have heard bad things about The Box, so thanks for informing me to stay away.

I remember conversing through blogs with jeanette when The Ugly Truth came out and how she didn't really like it, but when Hedman, myself, Jessica and a few others saw it we laughed a lot.

As for Up, I am being 100% serious about this. It is in consideration for best movie of 2009 in my opinion. Right up there with Inglorious Basterds, The Hangover, and Paranormal Activity (hopefully Avatar will be added to that list)

for the love of pictures said...

I agree with you about "The Proposal". I really liked it. I wanted to see "The Box" but still haven't gotten around to it. I'll probably Netflix "Year One" eventually, but I'm in no rush to see it.

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi jamie,my first time in your blog n m following it..

guess it explains..i liked your writting style..simple n fun:)

i wanna watch 2012 now..hope its worth all the hype!!