Monday, November 30, 2009

Make up Monday

During my freshman year of college, I discovered this brand of make up called e.l.f.
Some of you may have heard of it before, but if not, keep reading.
I fell in love with it.
Not only is it cheap, but it's also really good quality.
When I first started ordering from them, they were online only. They had limited supplies, and didn't have a vast array of items to choose from.
Now, they have grown.
There stuff is being sold in Target stores, and they have increased their online store tremendously.

The reason that I am sharing this with you all is because if you're anything like me, you love make up, but hate the price, and enough is never enough, I always want more.
Well, e.l.f. is having a 'cyber monday' sale, and you can get 70% off of all their mineral make up. This is a great deal. I encourage you all to run on over and stock up.
At checkout, enter the code EHCMM to receive 70% off your mineral make up order.


Anonymous said...

I just recently heard of e.l.f from another blogger. When she was talking about it, and doing tutuorials with their make-up, I immediately thought that it had to be expensive. I went to their website and was pleasantly surprised. It's cheap!! I have yet to purchase anything, but today might be the day!

Mr O said...

When I read the title, I thought you were making up for something you didn't do or something like that.

Boy was I dissapointed

Jeanette said...

Wait Matt... you don't need to get some make up?!/!