Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Birchbox

I love getting perfume samples in my boxes! It's a great way for me to try new scents without pay a fortune and having a ton of bottles taking up space on my vanity. This one, however, was just not my style. It was very...'mature' smelling. As in, it's something I would expect Nanny to wear to church on Sunday. It's not a bad scent, it's just not one that I want to wear. [full size $83]

Where was this 8 years ago? You know, when I would actually go over to people's house and stay the night. I needed this then, seriously. The gel cleanser is very gentle, yet effective. The ideal skin perfect finish is awesome and reminds me of a cross between a BB cream and mark.'s matte chance. Obviously my 25 year old self isn't going on any sleep overs anytime soon, so I'm not going to be throwing down the cash for this, but if they sold it in larger portions, I would definitely think about getting the finishing cream. [$19]

This product felt like straight up sand paper on my face. I understand the importance of exfoliating, and it's nice to have soft skin, but this? This is not worth it. I tried this product twice, hoping the second time would be a little better, but no. The back of the container even says that your face will be noticeably softer, a result that I didn't feel. If you have tougher skin, give this a try. If your skin is already soft and/or sensitive, don't even think about it! [full size $34]

This was my favorite item in the box! As soon as I saw the color, I couldn't wait to try it! It's such a perfect color for fall, it's neutrally, shimmery heaven. I'm not typically a huge fan of color club, but they did something right with this one! [full size $8]

Even though my hair isn't long enough to put in a pony tail, I still loved seeing this cute little elastic hair tie in my box. I can't tell you how well it works, but I can tell you that I'm saving it for when I do grow my hair out again! Too cute. [pack of 12 $22]

I was not at all interested in these. I am not huge into make up, so I only have 2 different brushes. And maybe because they were cheap? But don't feel the need to guard them. [variety pack $5.50]

If you're interested in trying birchbox, I definitely recommend it! Also, if you sign up through me, I can earn points!

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