Saturday, September 15, 2012

Daycare Blues

A few weeks ago, I decided that it would be best for both Adelei and I if she started going to daycare one day a week. 
She needs more interaction with children.
She needs interaction with other adults.
I need a little bit of time to myself.
Luckily, hourly care on post is super cheap.
Last week was the first time I took her, and honestly...I was a nervous wreck. She didn't even notice me leave, she was too busy playing with toys.
I was so proud of her! I was scared she would freak out & I would end up taking her back home.
But the entire 3 hours she was there, I spent my time [running errands] constantly thinking about her.
Is she crying? Is she playing? Is she being a sweet girl?
Will she take a nap? Will she eat her lunch?
When I went to pick her up, she was sitting in the teacher's lap, being rocked while most of the other kids took a nap. Not my girl, though. She smiled really big and ran over to me when I came in.
It was the best feeling ever.

Thursday, I dropped her off. This was her second time, so she wasn't as shy as before. She walked right in and started 'talking' to another baby. This time, I wasn't as nervous. I had a dentist appointment, and barely had any time to wonder what she was doing. When I went to pick her up, she was laying down on a cot. She wasn't sleeping, but she was being quiet while the other kids slept. When she saw me, she finally realized I had left her & she freaaaaaked out.
I mean full on water works, hyperventilating and all! Who knew mommy being gone for 3 hours could cause such hysterics!
I know that her going just one day a week doesn't help her social skills a whole lot, but we've also joined a local Mommy Playgroup that meets once a week as well.

What are some free [or cheap] things you've done 
with your children to help develop social skills?


Smart Ass Sara said...

You would seriously be surprised- the once a week can make all the difference. Both of my kids only went to their toddler class once a week and they looked forward to it and they really gained a lot of socialization skills. And she'll be fine- especially once she starts recognizing some of the kids and teachers, she'll love it.

Lin said...

I'm with Sara, any little bit of outside interaction with other kids can be fabulous for them. Glad she's not crying until after you pick her up, haha. If anything, it stops the mommy guilt.