Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alphabet Board

I have always been a very hands on learner.
I can't just hear something and remember it.
I have to hear it, see it, write it down, read it over & over.
I'm only guessing that Adelei may be the same way.
Regardless, I decided that, to aid in her learning, I wanted to make her an Alphabet Board.
Start out with a piece of 20x30 foam core. You can use poster board if you prefer, I just wanted something that was a little more sturdy & would stand up against my rambunctious toddler.
I bought these die cut letters from the dollar tree, but they also sell them at Walmart.
All you have to do is line up your letters, add a little glue, & ta da! 
Note: I used yellow & blue instead of black & white so this can also be used when I'm teaching her colors!
If you're worried about the letters coming off, you can put a coating of Mod Podge over the top. I skipped that step, though.
This is a very simple project that will act as a visual reference and help enhance the learning process.  The whole project cost about $3 & took less than an hour. I know that we are going to get a lot of use out of it over the coming weeks!

With an alphabet board, you can:
Sing the alphabet while pointing to the letters
Have your little one trace the letters with their finger
Get your little one to point to the letters as you call them out

What kind of learning aids have you created for your little learner?

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Katie said...

I love your alphabet board! You should go check out my latest post! I gave you an award :)