Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pure Madness

Last night was the first night this week that I've been able to put Adelei in her crib and walk away. 
Every other night this week was a struggle, a fight.
Teething sucks.
More specifically, molars suck.
Not only is my sweet girl in pain, despite the tylenol & teething tablets, but it's also very emotionally draining for me. Yesterday, after 3 days of whining & grumpiness, my mind kept wondering 'when is this phase going to be over...?' I hate seeing my normally happy baby so...different.
Luckily, today was much better. 
She was still refusing to nap, but she was happy for the most part.
The only real plus side to all of this madness? All of the kisses and cuddles I'm getting. I think she knows it's been just as hard on me as it has been for her. She's been extra lovey lately, and I'm embracing it fully.

Any tips or tricks from experienced moms on how to deal with a teething toddler?

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Frozen washcloths. My kids would carry around washcloths (frozen or just really cold/wet) and rub or chew away on them. Which, no big deal because I'd get 10-15 wet, wring them out, lay them in my freezer and we'd just rotate.