Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Toxic Truth

Last night, I was feeling a little sad. I was missing my friends and family, and started looking at old pictures to  flood myself with happy memories.
I saw a picture of myself, and I was shocked!
I don't remember being that thin.
I was sure that it was just a good angle or good lighting.
Me & my nephew, Jax.
But then I saw another, and another.
And then I asked myself, 'Why did I think I was fat?'
Me & my sweet sister, Cas.
So I sat, scrolling through pictures, and wondering why I had such low confidence.
And then it came to me.
I was in a toxic relationship.
A very, very toxic relationship.
The guy constantly brought me down.
He broke up with me once because I cut my hair without asking his permission.
He told me not to come see him unless I put on makeup. If I got a cut or burn on my arm [hello! I was an art major!] he told me I was too manly for him.
The weekend of my sister's wedding, he told me that he usually dated girls that were in shape, but he'd stay with me if I promised to work on it.
Heaven forbid I wear my glasses instead of my contacts, and if I didn't have my nails perfectly manicured? I could definitely expect to get chewed out.
Oh how I wish I wouldn't have been so blind!
But I am so, so glad that [even though I'm pleasantly plump, now] I woke up from that nightmare & moved on to someone who could care less of my appearance. 
He loves me for me! 
He wants me to be happy.


Matt said...

I absolutely 100% hated that guy. Good riddance.

chambanachik said...

I'm glad you're with someone who treats you better now. That kind of relationship is scary!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love how Matt commented on this first of all. I also think that every girl should have one serious douchebag (as awful as it is) and be able to move on from him to really appreciate when a good guy comes along.

Lin said...

Toxic relationships will always bring you down. I'm so glad you got a way from that dude & moved on to someone who loves you for your perfect beautiful self :)

The Sullivans said...

Love Matt's comment! I don't know if I know or not, but reading all that made me not like him either! So glad you're with Aaron! :) And for the record, you're beautiful! Love your hair in the pic of you and Cas with blue shirts on!